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Why should you have a service plan?

More and more we are dependent on technology. In a relatively short period of time technology has changed dramatically. Whether it be education, work, banking, health care, or even grocery shopping people are using technology as an everyday part of their lives. Unfortunately we are also at risk of having the very devices that we depend on to become infected with malicious viruses, spyware, and malware; not to mention the very real threat of being hacked. Those devices are also prone to overheating, failing, breaking, and general damage. Let’s not even start on printers. No matter which of these happen, it’s always a hit to the wallet.

With our new VIP Service Plans you’ll have access to the resources to protect, educate, prevent, and assist your technology needs. For a low monthly, or yearly, subscription fee, for either the Commercial or Residential plans, you’ll have priority scheduling, regular system maintenance, virus protection, remote assistance, reduced downtime, cost savings, and best of all peace of mind.

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VIP Service Residential Plans
  • Monthly subscription fee
  • Banking of hours for prepaid technical support
  • Bonus discounts on our other services for the year
  • Priority scheduling for our remote services
  • Various plans to fit different needs

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VIP Service Business Plans
  • Low monthly subscription fee
  • Emergency After Hours Assistance
  • Access to our Software Development
  • Access to our Website Design/E-Commerce Teams
  • Prepay for hours of technical support and bonus discounts on our other services for the year
  • Priority Scheduling for our remote services, in-shop and onsite services
  • Various plans to fit many different needs with customizable options too

What is a VIP Service Plan with Geek on a Scooter?

This is a subscription for technical support, computer tutoring, and more. Even in the comfort of your Bunny slippers, we can remotely assist you with your technology needs.

What if I need more hours of help?

Hours exceeding your contract, during normal office hours, will be discounted by 5%.

I travel a lot, can I still use this plan?

Yes, the plan goes where you go. We can remote into your device across the country.

Do I receive a discount on parts too?

Sorry, no. The vast majority of our parts are at cost already.

Is this just for business or are there options for at home users?

We have different plans in place for different needs. We service commercial and residential clients.

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